The Gear Hound Wed, 02 Jan 2019 18:08:23 +0000 en-US hourly 1 The Gear Hound 32 32 The Rogue Kettlebell: One Gym Tool to Rule Them All Fri, 07 Jul 2017 02:14:09 +0000 If you’re on a budget and need a tool that’ll get the job done, a kettlebell is the answer. With the CrossFit explosion, there are a lot of companies cranking out kettlebells these days, but Rogue is the gold standard for quality. The Ohio-based fitness retailer has a reputation for exacting standards and exceptional customer service.

Rogue kettlebells are cast as a single piece from high-quality iron ore to prevent any weird ridges or imperfections. You can do a lot with these hunks of iron. They’ll punish your muscles in ways you’ve never experienced. Most men start with 35lbs and work their way up.


St. Drogo: Small-Batch Coffee Roasted in the Mitten State Tue, 13 Jun 2017 02:19:50 +0000 “We’re just a brand new roaster in the middle of a super old building trying to make the best coffee we possibly can,” says Saint Drogo Coffee Roaster’s Instagram bio. I can get behind that. Especially since St. Drogo coffee is roasted in Bay City, MI, and the owner happens to be an old friend I used to sling boxes with at a big box retailer in my college days.

St. Drogo is truly starting small batch with 12 oz bags of its Peru El Cautivo. Pick one up at an early bird price for $10 before they’re all gone.

Even if you miss the presale, something tells me St. Drogo is just getting started. Check out their Instagram to get a peek at the next batch.


Fingerscrossed Cycling Wear Sun, 25 Dec 2016 18:23:25 +0000
Open any experienced cyclist’s closet, and I guarantee you’ll find a stockpile of jerseys, shorts, bibs, and socks. It’s an addiction, really. Just like cycling itself. Full kits are pretty expensive, so for me, it’s all about finding the right accessories. Enter Fingerscrossed. This German brand recently caught my eye on Instagram, and I’ve been jonesing for a pair of the “hell yeah” socks ever since.

I guess I was good this year because Santa put them under the tree for me. They’re just as cool in person and the fabric is breathable –– perfect for keeping feet dry on the road. We’re getting a Michigan “heat wave” over here, so I may be able to try them out on the trail. Until then, they’ll be put through their paces in the pain cave as I reluctantly press play on another Sufferfest workout.

BUY | €15 (About $15)

Buster + Punch Brass Cufflinks Fri, 08 Jul 2016 02:50:56 +0000 For EDC gear, brass is where it’s at. These handsome cufflinks are definitely making their way into my collection soon. If they’re anything like my Machine Era Co. wallet, they’ll develop a rich, dark patina over time.

The look and feel of brass is unmatched in my opinion. If I don’t lose them in the ether like half the cufflinks I own, my grandchildren will thank me when I eventually decide to pass them on.

BUY | $52


Yeti Rambler Lowball Fri, 24 Jun 2016 19:39:15 +0000 ">yeti-lowball-front-
YETI has dominated picnics, campsites, and beaches all over the country for the past few summers. Now, they’re offering something for the craft cocktail crowd. Meet the Rambler Lowball, an insulated version of a rocks glass that keeps hot drinks hot and cool drinks cool for much longer than your standard vessel. It’s perfect for sipping a nightcap next to a campfire or keeping your old fashioned cold during your next Netflix marathon.

BUY | $24.60

The Stahl Firepit Sat, 11 Jun 2016 16:04:12 +0000 Turn your backyard space into the ultimate hangout with the Stahl Firepit. It’s stylish, practical, and built like a tank. Made with quarter-inch A36 hot rolled raw steel, it’ll hold up to the elements for a lifetime (and then some). Stahl says it will also develop a rich autumn gold patina over time, so it’ll truly become unique to you as it ages.

BUY | $950


Groovemade’s Walnut Pocket Knife Tue, 07 Jun 2016 21:37:30 +0000 walnut-knife-galA-A2_1000x1000_90

Inspired by the Japanese Higonokami, or carpenter’s knife, this stainless steel and walnut beauty will set you apart from the EDC pack. It doesn’t have a locking mechanism, and it relies on friction and the pressure from your thumb on the back of the blade to prevent it from closing. It’ll take a little getting used to if your normal EDC is a Swiss Army-style blade, but that’s half the fun of picking up a new tool, right?

BUY | $169

FutureRelic’s Keychain Wrench Tue, 07 Jun 2016 01:39:43 +0000 Here’s a cool little tool to add to your EDC arsenal. Meet the keychain wrench from FutureRelic. It’s machined by hand in creator David Pearce’s Santa Fe, New Mexico-based workshop from naval bronze, and it’s milled to work with SAE or metric bolts and nuts.

BUY | $39

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The Real Detroit Watch Company Sat, 04 Jun 2016 16:34:27 +0000 B24_44_Liberator_2_views2_1st_ed

Long before Shinola moved into Detroit to use the city as a marketing tool, watchmakers (and Michigan residents) Patrick and Amy Ayoub were creating high-quality timepieces in Metro Detroit. Each watch is designed and assembled in Birmingham, MI, and they all celebrate Detroit’s rich history in one form or another.

My favorite? The B24 Liberator Aviator 1st Edition. The watch tells the story of Detroit’s wartime contributions. When asked by Franklin D. Roosevelt, companies like Ford joined the cause, and it built the Willow Run Bomber Factory to manufacture B24 bombers. At full speed, Detroit was churning out one B24 bomber per hour, which is insane when you think about the logistics involved in building a full aircraft.

It hits home for me because my grandmother worked at the Detroit Arsenal where she helped build Army tanks during the same time period. My uncle flew bombers in the war, and my grandfather also worked on bombers and other aircraft in England.

It’s a fitting tribute to the time period and people who made history within it.

Learn more about Detroit Watch Company and get the specs at

BUY | $1,850

The Rockford Wallet by Kapotas Designs Thu, 02 Jun 2016 13:30:17 +0000 BrownRed

If I had a nickel for every wallet on the market today, I’d be sipping Mai Tais on a private island somewhere without a care in the world. It’s just a flooded market thanks to Kickstarter and other crowdfunding platforms. But, sometimes I stumble upon a wallet that makes sense, and that was the case with the Rockford from Kapotas Designs.

At first glance, it looks like a standard card carrier with a little space for cash and your ID, but when you take a look at the back, you’ll find a thin sheet of micro-suction material, which allows you to stick your wallet to your phone or any other smooth surface. The Rockford can fit 4 credit cards, 10 business cards, and up to 10 U.S. bills.

All of Kapotas’ wallets are handmade in Granville, Ohio with the finest leather, and the owner (Joshua) stands behind his products with a no questions asked warranty. Now that you have all of the info, the only question is which colorway are you going to pick up? My personal favorite is the brown leather with red thread (pictured above).

BUY | $40.88